Norman Rockwell - Fantastic Artist/Illustrator

Norman Rockwell
Pic source: Wikipedia
For fifty years, Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) was the man behind the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, once a widely circulated magazine in the United States.

Norman Rockwell painted more than 300 covers for the magazine which was published six times a year. His art reflected American life and culture.

I recently visited the amazing Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts (2 hour drive from Boston), and was delighted by his work.

Sharing pictures of few of his works...


The New Kids in the Neighbourhood

An artist at a museum

The Runaway

The Problem We All Live With (black girl being escorted to all-white school)
Puppy Love

Boy with Baby Carriage

Chef on a diet

The only children's book by Norman Rockwell
Art by children in a live studio at the museum

A segment of the wall of Saturday Evening Post covers by Norman Rockwell. He created more than 300!

Rockwell's studio located by the Museum


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