Pickles to tickle our senses

Our visits to family in India are always filled with plenty of pampering and delectable homemade food consisting of mouthwatering dishes that we rarely eat otherwise. Actually it's not just food. The tremendous variety of sweets and savouries we get to enjoy is sometimes overwhelming. And then, of course, there are chutneys and... pickles.

Readymade branded Indian pickles are available around the world. The special thing about visiting home is the 'home'-made aspect of things.

Mixed veg pickle (North Indian)
This holiday we've enjoyed two homemade pickles so far - a North Indian mixed vegetable pickle (with cauliflower, turnip and carrot) with the perfect spicy-tartness mix to tingle the senses. 
Simple version of mango-ginger pickle

The other is a simple South Indian mango ginger pickle

Mango ginger
Mango ginger resembles ginger, but has the flavour of raw mango. It is used for pickling, but also has medicinal properties. 

Yes, pickles do tickle our senses. There are times when all I want for a meal is yogurt rice and pickle. You should try it too if you haven't yet. Perhaps it may be available at your favourite Indian restaurant.

In the meanwhile, I shall continue to succumb to my 'pickle mania'!


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