Kahaani-sharing - Sep and Oct 2016

The last two months have been extremely busy as a storyteller. I've been brainstorming, researching, writing, rehearsing, improvising, and of course, telling stories. AND I discovered my new 'storyteller' look...

My regular weekly sessions have involved stories about going to the moon, a vision-impaired girl partipating in a school race, an elephant bird, and stories about the festivals of Dushehra and Deepavali. 

 The children exercised their creativity and artistic talent by sharing their own stories.

Then there's been the telling events at the Singapore libraries to promote the upcoming 398.2 Storytelling Festival which I feel blessed to be a part of.

It's a great experience to work with tellers from different backgrounds and learn from them.

Ana sharing her story of noisy neighbours
Roger Jenkins sharing his scroll story
Pulling and tugging
The best part about being a storyteller - not just the eager young faces I see at each session, but also the smiling parents, some of whom stop by to chat about the stories they enjoyed.


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