Brushing is...(groan!) no fun!

I love the title of my first picture book - Brushing is no fun!
Let's be honest - it's true! Brushing IS no fun! I mean, frankly, brushing our teeth every morning is such a chore. You're barely awake and it's already time to begin doing something as drab as brushing your teeth. Well, yes, it does do some good as long as you do it properly. But remember, we just woke up?

 Despite my laziness, thankfully I didn't have many teeth-troubles growing up. I guess though I was lazy, I never skipped brushing and did my due diligence. So everyone, please keep doing it. It's one of those things....drab, boring, tedious, monotonous...yes, call it what you want. But it does work!

Besides, aren't there other unexciting, irksome chores that we do? The household chores of cleaning and cooking are good examples. Ok, you have help at home. But I'm sure there are times when you find yourself whining about doing certain tasks. What do you do then?

I'll tell you what I do.  Psssst...
He-he-he...not so fast, my friend! You have to read through the rest of this blog first.

When our children came into our lives, there were all kinds of changes in our lives, including the kind of music we listened to. Our days were filled with nursery rhymes and songs from Disney movies and TV shows (Barney, The Wiggles, etc.). 

I think I'll never forget the Barney song about brushing teeth and not letting water run. I sang it with my daughter when she was little, then for my son. I still love to sing it playfully when he claims to be too sleepy to brush. 

So when I was asked to write a story brushing and keeping good hygiene, naturally the Barney song came back to me. You could even say that it inspired the story to some extent.

Music does make things fun, doesn't it? Did you ever listen to music as you worked on those tough math problems while in school. Or perhaps now as you work or go out for a run?

I listen to music (and sometimes hum or sing along) as I work in the kitchen or even as i work out. It certainly makes the ho-hum tasks more interesting.

Similarly, you guessed it! Brushing can be made fun, Yes, WHY NOT? Simply hum a song to yourself or with a partner. You could even set a rhythm to the speed of brushing, slow down when necessary, etc. The options are unlimited!!

I encourage my son to join me every night so we can brush our teeth together and give each other company, humming away to glory...and healthy teeth!

So next time you pick up that toothbrush before bedtime, think of which song to hum and get going...Enjoy yourself!  BRUSHING CAN BE GREAT FUN!

 By the way, here's the link to that famous Barney song if you're curious...
Barney song - Brushing my teeth


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