An Artefact to remember my grandmother

More than a century ago, a young girl playing hopscotch was hustled indoors on a very important day of her life. It was the day of her 'girl-seeing' as was the tradition in India in those days before an arranged marriage.

The year was 1934. The girl was my grandmother, then just 11 years old! In those days, girls were married off early for various reasons. 

On her wedding day, my grandmother wore several pieces of jewellery as per tradition. One of them was the 'rakodi', a headpiece that adorned her hair. I can only imagine how beautiful she must have looked. Sadly no photographs are available.

The 'rakodi' is a circular piece of jewellery with a pin to adorn the head (top-middle)
Decades later my mother gifted me a beautiful pendant. I fell in love with it right away. If you look carefully, you will see Krishna playing his flute. 

Although I’m not too fond of jewels, this one was and continues to be really special - it had once belonged to my grandmother. 

The 'rakodi' that she had worn at her wedding had been made into a pendant for me to wear at mine. 


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