Sharing Stories: One Step at a Time, One Word at a Time

Four years ago, I experienced the inertia to write my own stories for children.  Busy as I was with my work routine, I squeezed writing into my agenda, waking up in the early AM hours which I usually find is my best time to write.  I had made up my mind to be a published children's writer.

I still write.
I'm yet to be published, but hope keeps me going!

Meanwhile I have a new-found interest that makes me feel that I've finally found myself...Yes, storytelling!  Though it takes away much of my 'productive' writing time, I find it very rewarding and satisfying to prepare to share stories with children.  Joy and anxiety, ups and downs, in short, the emotional connect that comes by sharing stories satisfies me immensely.

After the storytelling opps at the Singapore libraries in September (read blog from Sep 2015), October 3 brought another opportunity on the occasion of Marine Parade Public Library's 20th anniversary.  And what was really special was that along with Roger Jenkins (my mentor), Jeeva Raghunath from Chennai also performed her story with so much energy and enthusiasm, it was awe-inspiring and a delight to watch!

My friend, Chitra Panchapakesan and I, put on our second tandem telling of "The Boy and the Drum".  Chitra played the main character, the boy, while I played multiple roles.  

Each time you share a story, the telling 'happens' differently.  You sort of 'grow' as you keep telling the same story, again and again, trying to improvise your rendering through new words and expressions, new ideas.  No two tellings by the same person can be exactly alike! 

So far it's been a sharing of folktales galore.  There are thousands of wonderful folktales from across the globe reaching up to the sky.  But one day, I shall share my own stories with young audiences.  So what if publishers don't give a dime for my stories!  Published or not, what's more important is that I take my stories to those they are meant for!  What could be more precious than that?


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