Short story - Komal, the love of my life

            I remember it like it was yesterday that I met Komal.  She was the most attractive girl I had ever seen.  When I first gazed at her, she looked away bashfully, then back at me.  I lost my heart right away!
            My friend who stood beside me, however, turned foe and challenged me to a fight.  The winner would be eligible to date her.  I saw Komal smiling at me and instantly knew she was on my side. With confidence, I confronted my contender and emerged victorious.  Sadly, I lost a friend.
            I saw Komal every day.  I waited for her to walk past my abode as she often did.  She seemed to know exactly where I lived for her eyes searched for me whenever she passed by.  Finally one day she left home and expressed her desire to be with me. 
            We strolled over to the river and watched the sunset together.  We held each other.  We were so much in love! 
          Soon it was time for us to part ways.  We had to get on with our lives.  Miserable as Komal was about it, she let me go.  We held each other one final time before saying goodbye.  I promised to come back and see her.  
             I got busy with my life, made new friends and visited new places.  But without Komal, I felt lonely and forlorn.  I made up my mind to go see her as soon as I could. 
            However, days became months, and months turned into years when I finally returned to visit Komal.  But she was no longer in the same place.  I searched for her in all possible places. 
            One day I came upon a cute little boy who walked up to me curiously.  When I greeted him, he turned around and ran, calling out to his mother, who emerged to see what had frightened her little one.  When she saw me, our eyes locked in amazement.  It was Komal!  Komal was his mother; the cute little boy was my son!
          Komal’s family took care of our son while she and I took some time on our own.  We were glad to be together again – to share the profound affection and unconditional love we felt for each other. 
            But all good things must come to an end.  In a few days, once again, it was time for me to get back to my life.  I promised Komal I would return soon.  But this time, Komal didn’t want to let go. The thought of another long separation tore her apart. I tried to comfort her, but she could not be pacified.  Dejected, I returned to my usual life with a heavy heart.
         A few months later, when I went back to Komal’s place, I was shocked!  Her home had been destroyed.  Everything in the area had burned down to ashes.  Komal and my son were nowhere to be seen.  I wandered far and wide looking for them, hoping that they were unharmed.  I almost gave up all hope.  But to my surprise, I did find Komal!
          She was in the woods, anxiously trying to reach into what seemed like a deep pit.  I could not understand why until I went towards her.  Our son had fallen into the pit and injured his foot.  He was wailing and shrieking in fright.
             When Komal saw me, she was hysterical.  I comforted her and tried to reach for our son.  When that did not work, I looked around and found a log nearby.  It was heavy, but if you are determined, nothing can stop you!  
              Somehow I managed to get the log towards the pit.  Then together, Komal and I carefully pushed one end of the log into the pit to create a ramp for our son.  But as he began ascending, the top end gave way and he fell back into the pit.  
              I felt angry and helpless; Komal’s home was destroyed, our son was trapped - life was so unfair! 
          We heard sounds - warnings about impending danger. But who cared about going to safer grounds when our son was stuck? We decided to stay near him and protect him until our last breath.
          Intuitively I turned around and almost roared with anger.  Before me stood the perpetrator of our plight, the destroyer of our home, our biggest enemy – MAN!


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