Meet the Author: Ying Chang Compestine July 9, 2014

The Arts House of Singapore hosted a meeting with the Chinese-American author, Ying Chang Compestine.

Ying is the author of many picture books such as The Runaway Wok, The Runaway Ricecake and Crouching Tiger, and YA novels like Revolution is not a dinner party.  Her latest YA book is The Secrets of a Terracotta Warrior that she co-authored with her son.  She has also written several cookbooks and loves to play badminton.

Interviewed by Dr. Myra Bacsal (founder of, Ying appealed to the audience with her light-heartedness and openness, as she shared her life experiences that are also reflected in her YA novels.

With great enthusiasm, I look forward to reading her first YA novel, Revolution is not a dinner party, which has been given accolades.


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