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Storytelling at the Mumbai Mobile Creche (MMC)

The Mumbai Mobile Creche (MMC) is a non-profit dedicated to the education and care of children of construction workers who often miss out on schooling due to the migratory nature of their parents' work. The MMC centres are located at construction sites. There are currently 20 such centres in the Mumbai area.
I first learned about MMC when I was a pre-school teacher. Mr. Katta Babu (from MMC) led a teachers’ workshop to make puppets out of recyclable and reusable materials. The workshop was fantastic for we ended up with amazing puppets and plenty of satisfaction. I was ecstatic for I realized that I didn't need to be an artist to create such teaching aids. In fact, I was so inspired that I created a bunch of more puppets with my newly discovered skills and used them in my storytelling sessions. That was 5-6 years ago.
MMC came into my life this November, but this time I am a children’s author. My picture book, Lunch-Friends was selected to be one of the books read aloud at al…

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